It is better here!

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It is better here!

Where some see challenges,

We see a bright future.


What makes SecurityNational the best place to work?

This is the best opportunity with the best company at the best time. We provide an environment to utilize the investment you have made in yourself to continue to grow and thrive. SNMC’s parent company, Security National Financial Corporation (SNFC) is a group of companies whose integration creates unparalleled financial stability and opportunity. Each segment is related to the others, and contributes to the stability of the whole.


What makes the culture at SecurityNational so special?

We believe that who we are is as important as what we do. At SNMC we are committed to excellence and look for excellence in those we hire. At SNMC, you are part of a team that cares for each other, fosters a culture of teamwork and focuses on providing exceptional service. The opportunity to give back to the communities that we serve is another big part of our culture. We thrive by lifting those around us and strengthening our communities.


What are the benefits for working at SNMC?

As a loan officer at SecurityNational you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive the best in class tools to help you succeed. We offer proven comp plans, a full service marketing department and trips of a lifetime to reward success. You can rest assured knowing you work for a company with stability in the industry and a thriving future. Additionally, at SNMC we are committed to providing quality benefit options that best fit the needs of our employees and their families. Offering a wide selection of benefit options is just one way we show our employees that they are our most important asset.


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Why is it better here?

Celebrating 30 years of turning houses into homes!

Growth of SecurityNational Mortgage Company

Stability of SecurityNational Mortgage Company

Culture of SecurityNational Mortgage Company

What Makes SNMC the Best Company?

What is the Culture of SNMC?


How do we make you successful at SecurityNational?

SNMC has partnered with state-of-the-art companies to provide the most effective tools to assist the borrower. We make the loan process seamless and secure. And, we have high tech tools, processes and teams in place that make it simple to be successful. We also have in-house products designed to fit almost any mortgage lending scenario. Our loan portfolio and product offerings continue to grow, ensuring the best options available.


Give your clients the latest in lending technology with our SNapp Home app. Your clients can get prequalified, search for a home, calculate loan scenarios and complete the mortgage process all in the palm of their hand.


Benefit from co-branded campaigns, automated milestone emails and post-close surveys. Our CRM is managed by your marketing team to deploy timely, effective content for you. Customize campaigns and enjoy the freedom to manage contacts from anywhere.


Unlike other lenders, we have an award winning team of professionals that can give you a marketing edge. Choose from proven campaigns and resources to grow your business and increase your production volume.

What’s important to you?

How do we make you successful at SecurityNational?

Our management team uses their skills to guide you in the right direction in a smooth and efficient way with unlimited room to grow, but also space to enjoy your life.
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Meet the Leadership Team

Committed to excellence.

Andrew Quist


Joel Harward

Senior Vice President

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